Thank You For Your Service

We can’t begin to express how proud we are to call you one of us. To us you are a brother, a leader, a mentor, and so much more. 


You put others before yourself in ways that most can’t imagine. In a time when people are more against the military than ever before, you fight for them. 


As we have said before, there will be a large emptiness for the next year. Each and every day we will be thinking of you. When those tones drop, we know you will be with us. 


Today, we say one more safe travels. One more see you soon. One more hurry home safely. Today we wish you well as you prepare for a deployment to Afghanistan. 


Egg Harbor Fire Captain, Jason Staats, goes on his way in two short days in preparation for deployment in early 2019. 


Nicole, don’t hesitate to contact your fire family for ANYTHING you need in the next year. 


We ask that you keep Jason and his family in your thoughts over the next year. 


Jason, we will hold down the fort. Take care of yourself and your crew. Hurry home. We’ll be waiting!