Chief Schopf Retirement

This evening, as of 11:59 PM, Chief Steve Schopf will officially become retired from the Egg Harbor Fire Department.

While he will stick around to help with the transition to our new chief, he will no longer be getting up in the middle of the night and no more late nights of trainings. I’m sure we will still see him around at fundraisers, events, and the occasional station drop in, because this is a family he has dedicated 40 years to. Eleven years of which he has lead us as Chief.

Steve spent many of his early years also as an Emergency Medical Responder, which he enjoyed doing with his wife Chloe.

As Chief, he has written state and federal grants bringing the department over a quarter million dollars for equipment, turnout gear, and life saving equipment. He has spent countless hours writing SOGs, Budgets, run reports, and many other behind the scene things no one realizes. He has calmly directed hundreds of calls making for a positive outcome in many bad situations.

Steve, from all of us, enjoy your retirement, and don’t forget to visit your fire family. Be proud of your service to the town and village of Egg Harbor. We hope we can make you proud as we move forward with this new chapter.