Farm Rescue Extrication


To those we alarmed with our training exercise, we apologize.

However, we had a great night of training. Crews were “dispatched” to the intersection of Cty Rd. I and Oak Rd. for an unknown farm incident.

Units responded to find a 34 year old, conscious male, trapped underneath a disc. Crews immediately got to work in caring for the patient and strategizing how to free him safely.

Crews quickly learned that the patient had been trapped underneath the disc while trying to free a stone from in-between the blades. The hydraulics failed, causing the disc to fall from its raised position.

Crews were able to train in patient care, use of airbags, stabilization using cribbing, and set up of a landing zone for medical helicopter transport. All of this was done while maintaining scene safety.

Time of “page” to “loading the patient in the helicopter” was completed in approximately thirty-five minutes.

This crew really shows what teamwork means to the department and how well we can all come together to become one. Job well done!

Also, thank you to S & B Farms for allowing us to train both with their equipment and in their field.