Rope Rescue Training

Last night crews trained in High Angle Rope Rescue. Not only Egg Harbor, but our entire county is filled with cliffs, hills, and tricky to get to places. Being we all know how gravity works, accidents happen.

We train for those accidents. For the safety of not only person being rescued but those doing the rescuing as well. These situations require A LOT of man power. We were happy to have members of Gibraltar Fire join us for last nights training.

We also had special guest, Scott Rieckmann. Scott has taught many of our high and low angle rescue classes through the county. He is very knowledgeable and always has great tips to add. Last night Scott trained along side of us yet we still learned a thing or two from him. Thank you for joining us Scott!

A very special THANK YOU to Tom and Kathy Adrians who welcomed us to their residence and allowed us to train just off their back porch. We cannot begin to express how great-full we are for this opportunity.